Hi, I'm JOHN NG.

Hilbert Ng (my lovely son)

About Mathematics and me
Mathematics is so beautiful and mysterious. I love her (the queen of science) and do want to know her deeply. Being a secondary mathematics teacher in Hong Kong, I enjoy sharing what I know and what I find with my students. However, my mathematics 'level' is so limited, and as the old saying that 'learn more and know less', it is not possible to do serious research in mathematics (or go beyond master degree) during 'hard hours' in my teaching career in Hong Kong. It is just an old dream.

About this blog
I'd like to use LaTeX in blog to write something about mathematics, wordpress is a good choice. At least, I can practise using LaTeX.
相信 80 年代的香港初中生對『Q.E.D.』這個簡稱不會陌生,我們的數學老師會說:『Quite Easy Done』,但 Quod Erat Demonstrandum 這個拉丁文的原意,相信很多人會遺忘。參考以下連結吧 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q.E.D. 數學重視證明,『這被證明了』是一個又一個的目標,希望這個 blog 的意義和功能最終都『被證明』是正面的。My old Forum is functioning good because it allows “applet” and more “html” except the LaTeX, a very powerful tool in this Blog. Getting full use of both Forum and Blog may be beneficial to me and students.

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Quod Erat Demonstrandum (http://johnmayhk.wordpress.com)

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濟濟一堂學術討論區 (http://www.hkedcity.net/ihouse_tools/forum/index.phtml?forum_id=27877¤t_page=)

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